S1, Ep 3. Transparency in the family courts

In this episode I am joined by Lucy Reed, a family law barrister at St John’s Chambers in Bristol. Her practice spans all areas of family law but she specialises in children work.

In todays episode we discuss how the family system is often inaccessible to many, and how non-lawyers struggle to navigate the system. We also dispel the assumption that all lawyers come from a certain background and are often unapproachable, and we discuss how the Transparency Project is helping to improve the accessibility of information about family proceedings to the public.


The Transparency Project website: http://www.transparencyproject.org.uk/group

The TP Guidance Notes: http://www.transparencyproject.org.uk/category/guidancenote/

Lucy’s website: http://lucyreed.co.uk

Lucy’s blog: http://www.pinktape.co.uk

Lucy’s chambers profile: http://www.stjohnschambers.co.uk/profile/lucy-reed/




Contact me if you have any questions:

Email: voicesoffamilylaw@gmail.com

Website: http://www.voicesoffamilylaw.com

Twitter : @voicesoffamlaw

Instagram: @voicesoffamlaw



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