S1, Ep 1. Access to justice is open to all.. like the Ritz hotel

In this weeks episode I interview Mr Cyrus Larizadeh QC. We discussed how our justice system has become unaffordable to many and how the destruction of our legal aid system particularly in the area of family law has left people vulnerable to exploitation and left the very people that need it most unrepresented.

We also discuss the ways people are trying to access justice by using charities and law-centres to get free representation (known as pro-bono in the legal world). Also, how the increasing number of direct-access barristers are offering a different route to representation.


Cyrus Larizadeh QC




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2 thoughts on “S1, Ep 1. Access to justice is open to all.. like the Ritz hotel

  1. Special Guardians and Adopters Together says:

    This is a fascinating podcast with Cyrus Larizadeh offering insights into justice inequities for LIPs -and talking about probono work and direct access.

    The poignant letter at the end, from a father who was being prevented from spending time with his child by an army of legal professionals, and had all but lost hope, is a reminder that the courts can so easily come between children and parents in ways that are harmful to children – since the father only won his case on appeal. Being dispassionate is not enough. Sometimes lawyers need to simply say no to local authorities and Cafcass guardians – as they do to parents and children, telling us ‘we are too busy’ to take on a child’s case when injustices have been suffered by the child. Other parties never seem to have problems accessing legal representation – as we do for ourselves or our children. It isn’t right to have parents face a three line whip from two other parties. We are finding it is far too easy for lawyers to successfully argue that experts are not necessary. Allowing us to have a say in the selection of experts and play a role in their instruction could give us confidence that our interests and the welfare of our children was of genuine concern to dispassionate lawyers.

    What was great about this podcast was Cyrus’s passion shone through – for a just legal system that does not disadvantage the vulnerable.


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